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‘Tis the Season of Love: 4 Ways to Celebrate “the one”. Aka YOU This Valentine’s Day.

February 14th is right around the corner. No need to eye roll or sigh.

We’re with you. The V-day holiday is cheesy.

It’s the day where love birds are required to show their partner love, and single birds realize they’re... well, single.

But we’re here to show you how to celebrate the one who matters most this Valentine’s Day.

You, of course!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a partner to celebrate the Hallmark holiday with or not. There’s someone, above all else who deserves your love and appreciation - it’s you!

We know when we fill our love tank from empty to full - we’ve got extra to share with the ones we love most.

Here’s our list of ways to turn your self-care volume all the way up. This V-day you’ve got full permission to wine and dine yourself!

4 simple but powerful ways to love yourself this V-day:

  1. Date yourself! Cook your favorite meal. Turn on the music, put on your favorite outfit, and make a feast! Or, if you’re craving a grass-fed burger, order out from your favorite restaurant (we’ve got a few suggestions below). Create your dream date and then make it come to life.

  2. Carve out time for your favorite rituals. Set up a sacred space in your home with your favorite self-care items and enjoy your alone time.

  3. Relax. Take a bath. Throw some red rose petals, Epsom salt, and essential oils in the mix to make it even better. No bath? Come float with us - we’ve got a special surprise for Valentine’s Day floaters.

  4. Get grateful. Grab your journal and make a gratitude list. Of all the things you’re grateful for in your life. Practicing gratitude shifts your brain from thinking of what you’re missing to what you’re already abundant with. Mindset is everything.

If you’re planning on safely getting out of the house this Valentine’s Day, make sure to show some love for these amazing local businesses:

Auburn Area:

  • Pour Choice - The vibe here is worth it alone. Grab a hot latte and go for a stroll in Oldtown Auburn.

  • La Fornaretta: A cute little hole in the wall! Our fave - The Fresh Fennel Pizza… delish!

  • Baked and Brewed: Everything on the menu is a win. Enjoy!

Sacramento Area:

  • Ginger Elizabeth - a chocolate lover’s heaven! There’s nothing in this shop we wouldn’t recommend. It is Valentine’s Day after all.. #treatyourself

  • Pushkin’s - Grab a gluten-free pastry (or two..fine 4) to celebrate the solo holiday.

  • Old Soul - A great place to go post-float! Try their breakfast sandwich (yes, even for dinner! It’s that good).

  • Faria Bakery - Newer to Oak Park, this one is a must experience!

We’d love to hear how you’re choosing to self-love this Valentine’s Day. Post a photo on social media with the tag #selflovefloater so we can celebrate you!


Hailey & Ryan


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