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Somadome is a unique technology-enabled meditation experience for novices and advanced Mind-Body-Spirit practitioners alike.

Capitol Floats is excited to partner with Somadome, bringing Sacramento the very first personal meditation pod.  Integrating three healing modalities to facilitate meditation and ‘whole person’ alignment, the Somadome combines traditional color therapy with scientifically tested binaural beat technology, guided meditations and proprietary energy-healing microcrystalline tiles, curating an experience that is unique and profoundly restorative.

Available in Sacramento Only


The dome structure gives the illusion of infinite space, immersing you into an illuminated pod of colors that coordinate with your session goals.


Somadome transforms EMF frequencies that are out of harmony with our bodies’ natural electromagnetic signals.


The Somadome uses binaural beats in guided and unguided tracks to achieve beneficial states associated with your session goals.

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