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Placer County's Premier Recovery Center


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Located in South Auburn, Capitol Floats Auburn is a beautiful, high-end facility offering an unparalleled experience of relaxation, reconnection and recovery.


We offer 3 spacious float rooms, massage, infrared sauna and a lounge where you can sip tea and relax after your session. 


Our mission is to provide Placer County a sanctuary of health and wellbeing, where you can come reset, recover and recognize your potential. We look forward to having you in soon!

For Covid-19 information and how it impacts our center, please click here.

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infrared sauna

Preview our Float Tracks

Cosmic Om
Focus Concentration
Instrumental Beatles Guitar
Awakening The Goddess Within
Positive Meditation
432 hrz
Alan Watts Zen Chillstep
Nature Sounds
Ocean Waves Sunset
Relaxing Piano
Ocean Waves Crashing



September 1st 2019 was the culmination of 9 months negotiating this lease and over a year trying to find a space for the center. The lease was finally signed.

Negotiating a lease for 9 months could wear anybody down. There were so many times I considered giving up. Throwing in the towel and just calling it a day. I cried, I raged, I screamed, I pretended to give up and then I kept going. There’s nothing I’ve given myself to like this. From a desire to serve and bring healing and peace to my hometown, my determined little spirit was given resilient wings.

Negotiating a lease to open up a business few have heard of and even fewer who have a concept of what it takes to build...”what do you mean you need to know how thick the concrete slab is? Why does it matter how thick the ceiling is between the top floor and the ceiling of your suite? Why on earth do you need so much free rent, most businesses open after a couple months, tops. No one's ever asked for the exact location of the sewer main. We don’t have any record of any electrical plans, you’ll need to call the original architect. Oh, they’ve closed their offices, good luck? “ ect...ect...

All the time spent envisioning and dreaming about Capitol Floats Auburn being a reality, is about 2 1/2 years and now its a reality.

We have since blessed the space and called in our intentions for Capitol Floats Auburn. Healing, Community, Recovery, Wellness, Freedom & Discovery were high on the list of intentions for Auburn.

We believe that when the body feels amazing, the mind and spirit are more free to explore new realms of possibility. Our hope is that Capitol Floats Auburn is your bridge between the physical, the mental & the spiritual, allowing you to recognize your potential.

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