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Floating is a truly holistic experience as the nearly endless list of benefits aids in the improved functioning of the mind, body, and beyond.

In this stimulant-free environment, gravity, temperature, touch and sound drop to nearly non-existent levels.


1,100 lbs. of dissolved Epsom Salt in 10 inches of water holds your body effortlessly on the surface, removing pressure from muscles, joints and bones.


At the perfect temperature, the water around you exactly matches your skin temp, causing you to loose connection between where you end and the water begins.


With no body to attend to, your mind is unleashed to explore and expand untouched depths of consciousness and relaxation.


Where will you go? What will you discover? Your float tank awaits your personal journey...

why float?


Deep relaxation

Lowers blood pressure

Improves posture & circulation

Relieves back & neck pain

Aids in recovery from injury

Reduces inflammation


Stress relief

Improves sleep

Eliminates fatigue & jet lag

Reduces anxiety & depression

Energizes & rejuvenates


Increases creativity

Aids visualization

Expands awareness

Enables self-reflection

Deepens meditation

Accelerates learning

1. Arrive open-minded


{we suggest avoiding caffeine for at least 3 hours prior to your float, and not consuming a large meal before arriving, while also not coming in hungry. It is also good practice to make sure you're properly hydrated.}

2. Meet your float facilitator, receive a tour of the center and enter your float room

3.  After your orientation, you are set free to prepare for your private float experience

4. Earplugs go in, rinse off in the shower

5. Set your intention. What brings you into the tank today? Relieving physical pain? Letting go of stress? Spending time reconnecting to yourself? Set an intention and focus your thoughts on it during your session. 


6. Enter your tank. Lights & music are your preference. Move in the water. Breathe. Relax

6) After your 60 minutes is up, exit music will encourage you to exit the float tank

7) Take your time and make your way to the post float area to journal, reflect, create or simply bask in your post-float glow.




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