Frequently asked questions

Do I have to float naked?

We recommend floating in your birthday suit! Its actually cleaner and much more comfortable for you during your float to float naked. If you feel more comfortable bringing your suit with you, please do! We'll talk you through everything when you arrive - and if you still feel like you want to wear your swim suit, you are welcome to do so. Your comfort is our #1 priority :)

Why should I float?

Many people float for many reasons. Often we hear about those who float due to chronic pain or difficulty managing stress or anxiety. Those who float for pain management tell us that the epsom salt in the float tanks helps to alleviate discomfort they've struggled with for years, finding the float tank one of the few places where they experience no pain. For those who struggle with stress or anxiety, the float tank is a quiet refuge away from distractions, where you can disconnect from the noise and reconnect to yourself. We live in a plugged in world and its difficult for us to find spaces that are truly quiet - with noise pollution, to screaming children, to the sound of your notifications on your phone - we are all constantly stimulated. Floating provides a solution.

How early should I arrive?

Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow plenty of time for a tour of the center and to fill out your waiver, if you haven't done so before you arrive.

Can I float if I have dreadlocks?

Yes! We offer dreadlock caps that some people like to use, or you can let your locs float freely in the tank. You'll want to make sure to rinse thoroughly after your float, as your dreds will be very salty after your session!

Can I float if I dye my hair?

Yes! For neutral color tones, you can float after you've washed your hair 5 times. If you're neon, we ask that you wait until the water runs clear in your shower before entering the float tank.

Can I float on my period?

Yes! If you will not bleed through a tampon in an hour, you are good to go for a float. In fact, floating during your cycle is one of the best times to float, as your body is typically depleted of essential minerals, due to the hormonal function of your cycle. We provide vaseline, which you can use to coat the end of your tampon string to keep things sanitary. If you use a diva cup, ensure you are confident it won't tip while your in the tank.

What's the best order to do experiences?

We personally recommend an infrared sauna before a float. The infrared sauna will relax you before you even enter the tank, facilitating a deeper relaxation sooner during your float session. In Auburn, we recommned an infrared sauna, followed by a massage and finished with a float session. (Epsom salt is magical in its ability to move stiffness and soreness out of muscles that get worked during a massage) In Sacramento, we recommend the somadome, followed by the infrared sauna, and finished with a float. The somadome will help get your mind 'in the zone' before beginning the other experiences in the center.

Does floating dehydrate me?

No! In fact, its exactly the opposite. The float tank is going to provide you with a super charged dose of magnesium, which is an essential mineral for cellular hydration. After your float, you'll notice smoother skin and hair - and a relaxed state of mind, which is a direct result of the hydrating affect of the float tank.

How much salt is in there?

1,100 - 1,200 lbs of pharmaceutical grade Epsom Salt. :0 This concentration creates a buyoant environment where you float effortlessly on the surface.



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