What to expect: 

  • A session curated to your specific needs and requirements -Our massage therapists  are highly skilled in multiple modalities and will tailor your massage to fit your unique goals.  

What we recommend: 

  • Try booking an infrared sauna before your massage - this will allow your muscles and body to fully relax before you receive your massage. 

  • Try booking a float session after your massage  - the float tanks are highly saturated with Epsom Salt, which will allow your muscles and joints to relax even further, allowing the benefit of your massage session to sink in more fully, reducing inflammation and increasing your blissed-out state.

Auburn Only

Massage Schedule

Tuesday - Sunday 

10:30 am - 7 pm


Your massage will be curated with special measures to ensure the safety of all our clients and employees. The following is what you can expect when visiting us for your massage:

  • You will be asked to wear a mask in the center at all times

  • Your therapist will wear a mask when performing your massage

  • You will be asked to fill out a waiver before entering the center to verify you've had no symptoms of flu or sickness for at least 2 weeks

  • All massage tables and high-touch point places will be sanitized after every session

  • All sheets will be washed on high-heat

  • Air flow will be constantly circulating during all business hours

  • We will be providing hand sanitizer at all entrances and exits for your use

You can read about Placer County's Guidelines for massage therapy by clicking here

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60 min



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90 min



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90 min




Auburn Only



Daniel’s goal as a facilitator in healing is to allow you to become still and in the moment, focusing on your breath. Daniel works intuitively, at a pace that allows the mind, body and soul to connect and align, helping in the release of any stress, pain or emotion. Daniel's over 15 years of experience makes him a uniquely gifted therapist. He integrates several healing modalities during each session; his style is a combination of trigger point and myofascial release, mixed with energy healing. 

Available Thursday - Sunday evenings 3pm-8pm


Robyn is a Certified Massage Therapist offering massage clientele improved mobility, increased flexibility and new perspectives to enable clients to be more successful in all aspects of their personal, professional and spiritual lives. Robyn believes that creating a  safe space during bodywork is a major part of the healing process; helping the body and soul connect in a nurturing environment. Robyn is highly skilled, and will personalize each session to fit your unique needs. She is specially trained in myofascial release, trigger point and deep tissue - and can also offer a deeply relaxing massage with a lighter touch. When you come in, Robyn will talk with you about your specific needs and goals for your session and design something unique - and just for you!

Available Tuesday 10:30am - 6:30pm 

Saturday: 10:30am - 6:30pm

Sunday: 10:30am - 6:30pm 



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