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Capitol Floats was built on a vision of creating community through floating. After a series of life-changing experiences led him to want to bring floating to Sacramento, Founder Ryan Duey, opened Capitol Floats in Oak Park, Sacramento in 2016. His mission was to create a sanctuary for health, growth and transformation. 

Hailey Kleinhans, Owner of Capitol Floats Auburn, began working at Capitol Floats in Sacramento shortly after Ryan opened in 2016. After a few years working at the center in Sac, she saw the positive benefits floating was having on the community and committed herself to bringing floating to her hometown of Auburn. Having opened in June 2020, Hailey is passionate about sharing the vision of what Capitol Floats stands for with Placer County. 


Capitol Floats is a space to come relax, reconnect and recognize your potential.

hailey kleinhans and ryan duey owners of capitol floats
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