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Float to Farm: Meet Soil Born Farms

Before we dive into this year's Float For A Cause Recipient, Soil Born Farms, watch this short 3-minute video on soil health, carbon farming, regenerative organic farming, and how what they're practicing is literally healing the earth!

Inspiring and fascinating right? The way we grow our food not only fuels us, but it literally fuels the earth!

So what is float for a cause anyway?

Float for a cause is an annual campaign we at Capitol Floats do to support a local organization that’s participating in leaving this world better than we found it.

For the entire month of August, when you purchase a discounted float, discounted float & sauna package, or gift card - 15% of that purchase goes directly to Soil Born Farms

Our goal this year is to raise one thousand dollars!

Why Soil Born Farms?

Because I’m extremely passionate about organic produce & farming, giving back to the community that gives us healthy options, and I want to support raising awareness around how our local farms work.

Who is Soil Born Farms and what do they stand for?

Soil Born Farms is a non-profit urban agriculture and education farm that engages their local food system, supports healthy living, and grows a sustainable community in the greater Sacramento area.

Their mission is to educate the youth and adults through various projects and hands-on experiences.

How can I get even more involved with supporting Soil Born Farms in addition to floating this month?

Here’s how to help & how to get your hands dirty:

  1. Purchase our discounted floats & saunas. This month when you come in to float, 15% of the proceeds go directly to the farm. Whether you buy a discounted float, float & sauna package, or gift card - you’re making a difference.

  2. Check out their offerings! They offer a wide range of classes to help educate the community from Yoga on the farm to herbal courses. If you’re interested in seeing what classes they have to offer, click here to check out their website.

  3. Volunteer! If you’d like to learn more on how to volunteer and get involved, click here to learn more about their volunteer opportunities

Chemical farming is something that wreaks havoc on our bodies, our earth, and our soil. Without healthy soil, healthy food cannot be grown. With big Agriculture using pesticides that are literally killing the soil, it’s important for farmers like Shannon and Michael to practice sustainable farming through no-till, no pesticides, and ultimately taking care of the land.

Resources and ways to learn more about soil health, regenerative farming, and how to make a huge impact on the earth through what you eat:

  1. Watch Gather the movie

  2. Watch this video on regenerative farming

  3. Watch The Seed movie

  4. Watch Kiss The Ground Documentary

  5. Buy local (especially from the Farmers Market)

  6. Grow your own food

  7. Choose Organic any and every time you can

  8. Compost

These are great starting points. Watching these videos and putting these into practice can and will drastically support your body and the earth.

Feel free to save this blog and visit the resources here anytime! Or, share it with your friends and family!


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