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Float for a Cause 2022: Supporting Nature Conservation in the Community

“We are all interconnected–people, animals, our environment. When nature suffers, we suffer. And when nature flourishes, we flourish.” – Dr. Jane Goodall

Capitol Floats began as a mission to create a sanctuary for health, growth, and transformation.

We’re so happy that the mission we set out to achieve has been realized - and we know that you, as part of our community, also understand that health doesn’t begin and end the moment you walk through our doors.

Health surrounds us. And as the great Jane Goodall says, the health of our environment directly correlates to the health of humankind.

That’s why every August, we host Float for a Cause. We love that we get to give back to local organizations who are also committed to the health and wellbeing of our communities and world.

What is Float for a Cause?

Float for a Cause is an annual giving campaign we host at Capitol Floats to support local organizations that are leaving this world better than they found it.

For the entire month of August, when you purchase a discounted float and sauna package or a gift card - 15% of that purchase goes directly to the charities that are making a big impact.

2 Floats for $130 (normally $164) - 15% goes directly to our charity

2 Floats & 2 Saunas for $180 (normally $234) - 15% goes directly to our charity

Last year, in Auburn we had the goal to raise $1000, which we blew out of the water. (Thank you!) In Sacramento, our goal was to raise $2,000…and we ended up raising over $3,500 🤩. Across our centers, we raised nearly $5,000 for local farms - all thanks to your support!

This year, we’re feeling ambitious and we are shooting to collectively raise $5,000 again in support of our amazing charities (keep reading, cause we can’t waiiit to share them with you!!!!)

In addition to the funds raised, we’ll be gifting the charity center employees floats so they all have a chance to relax and recharge – an essential part of being able to show up every day doing their best work.

Drumroll please…our charities this year are…

We are so proud to be supporting environmental education this year, with the theme of “Float for Nature.” Proceeds from our Auburn location will support the Placer Nature Center, while in Sacramento we’re supporting Effie Yeaw Nature Center.

We love our mama earth and we love organizations that are helping to educate our youth on the importance of caring for her - so these organizations were an obvious and resounding YES for us!

Fun tidbit: Our leader, Hailey Kleinhans was a camp counselor at Placer Nature Center back in the day. About the experience, she said, “I loved being a part of educating children on the importance of being a part of our natural environment, how to be stewards of the land, and the importance of loving and caring for our world.”

The impact of that summer experience has lasted Hailey for a lifetime, and at Capitol Floats we’re committed to helping other children have that same experience through supporting Placer Nature Center and Effie Yeaw Nature Center.

About Placer Nature Center

Placer Nature Center focuses on delivering community-based, volunteer-supported environmental education programs to children, families, schools, and community groups.

Their vision is to be a partner with, and a resource for, local schools, community groups, and agencies as we, together, deliver the knowledge and model the behaviors that make our community scientifically literate and ecologically sustainable.

About Effie Yeaw Nature Center

Effie Yeaw Nature Center partners with the American River Natural History Association (ARNHA) to provide educational and interpretive programs and information about the natural environment, principally in the American River Parkway.

Their vision is to provide opportunities for the visitor that will promote awareness, appreciation, understanding, and enjoyment for the natural and cultural resources of the Sacramento Region, as well as to provide awareness and understanding of human interdependence within a finite ecosystem and the need to conserve its resources and protect its quality.

Both Placer Nature Center and Effie Yeaw are run entirely on donations - so any and all donations to these organizations truly have a widespread and tangible impact on how they are able to continue to serve our communities and planet.

How else can I support environmental education, in addition to floating, this month?

  • Organize a local nature clean up. Gather some friends and meet at a beach, a park, or trail near you to pick up litter.

  • Reduce consumption. Setting your air conditioning to a higher temperature and swapping out paper towels for cloth rags are simple actions that have a big impact.

  • Recycle properly. Set up recycling bins in your home, and check out the NRDC’s tips for proper recycling.

  • Conserve water. Turn off the tap while washing your hands and brushing your teeth, using it only to rinse.

  • Plant a new friend! This could look like planting a tree in your community or even putting out a new milkweed plant to attract butterflies.

  • Have conversations with loved ones. Ask them how they support the environment, and swap tips on the best ways to show nature a little love.

Thank you for supporting Float for a Cause! Click here to buy an Auburn gift card or float and sauna package and here to buy a Sacramento gift card or float and sauna package that supports environmental education.


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