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Blog Post: 10 Ways to Prioritize Self Care and Make More Time for Yourself

Ready to reclaim your time and amp up the self-love? Here are 10 simple ways to give back to yourself.

  1. Wake up earlier. A few extra minutes in the morning can set the tone for a kick-ass day.

  2. Block out specific time slots in your calendar just for you.

  3. Take a timeout from technology.  Unplug, unwind, and recharge without screens.

  4. Delegate. What can you take off your plate? Who can you ask for help?

  5. Learn to say no. Replace FOMO with JOMO– decline the invitations that don’t resonate and feel the joy of missing out on what’s not aligned for you.

  6. Use lunch breaks or short gaps in your day for a quick self-care boost. Maybe a meditation, 10 minute walk outside in the sun, or micro nap?

  7. Batch similar tasks and activities together. Set specific times during the day to tackle emails, run errands, post on social media, etc. This can be a game-changer for efficiency, leaving you with more time at the end of the day to chill. 

  8. Make some time for passion projects and the things you love, even if it's just for a few minutes during the day.

  9. Set boundaries. Define your limits and stick to them.

  10. Book a session with us! Try a float, sauna, fire & ice session or massage.


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