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Auburn business set to open following months of delay due to COVID-19 pandemic

AUBURN, Calif. (KTXL) — A new business in Auburn is offering people a safe and clean space to relax and unwind.

As many local businesses are trying to reopen and navigate the pandemic, Hailey Kleinhans is opening a business for the first time.

“[It took] nine months of construction to get it to where it is now,” Kleinhans said.

Kleinhans has been working towards opening Capitol Floats for three years.

“I wanted to open the first week of April so I had all these flyers printed and I was like really gunning to get to the finish line and then COVID happened and it was like, ‘We can’t do this. We can’t open,” Kleinhans shared.

So, she’s spent the last two months pouring more energy into making the spa a safe space for people to come float and escape.

“In the float environment, you start to have realizations that you wouldn’t otherwise get if you were bombarded or constantly plugged into this world,” Kleinhans said.

For one hour, people can experience weightlessness in a saltwater tank, while in a sanitary and socially distant environment. 

“Get into a state of mind that allows creativity and inspiration and insight to flow easily and freely,” she explained. “You go into your own float room. You have your own shower. The door closes and locks. You have your own tank.”

Kleinhans said the float tanks themselves go through a rigorous filtration process and the concentration of epsom salt in the water also makes it inhospitable to bacteria.

She also said floating can actually boost your immunity by elevating your serotonin and dopamine levels.

“This is a real tool to elevate immunity and feel better,” Kleinhans said.

After months of preparing to open her doors,  Kleinhaus said waiting a little longer may not have been the worst thing after all.

“Ultimately, the little pause with the pandemic, it kind of propelled us forward in a really intentional way,” she said. “I think that floating really gives us the opportunity to be the best people we can be, and that’s just calm and free and happy really.”


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