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To our community in these times of need

To our Beloved Community,

We have decided to temporarily close our doors effective March 18th through March 31st. Given the situation at hand, we believe it is in the healthiest decision we can make, though we do so with very heavy hearts. 

We are in a unique position; as you know, floating is a solo practice, done in a sterile, immune boosting environment. To enforce social distancing at the float center is to operate “business as usual” for us—however, we are committed to facing this crisis in solidarity with the rest of our community and do not want to put you, or anyone else at risk, by staying open. 

We are already looking forward to being your refuge again when we reopen. We have a feeling health, vitality and wellness will be at the forefront of our global consciousness as we learn and grow from the impact of COVID-19. Floating, Infrared Sauna Therapy & Meditation will be more important than ever as we move towards a healthier, more conscientious world. 

If you're able to support us during this stressful time, it would mean a great deal to us if you can keep your membership active. We are a locally owned business, and we need your help in staying afloat. All of your credits will be ready for you when we re-open. If you need to cancel or pause your membership, please reach out and I will take care of it for you. 

If you are already scheduled for a future appointment your appointments have been cancelled and your credits have been returned to your account. 

We thank you so much for being part of our family here at Capitol Floats. Take care of your loved ones and stay healthy. 

We can’t wait to see you all soon!


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