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How Often Should I Float?

One question we hear a lot is, “How often should I float?”

In this post, we’ll break it down:

Once a Month

Doing flotation therapy once a month gives you a strong foundation for self-care. This is a great start for creating a regular routine that helps your body relax and reset. Once a month floats are best suited for you if:

  • You’ve had an especially busy or stressful month and want to reset. 

  • You’re coming up on a challenging month and want to book ahead.

  • You enjoy checking in with yourself once a month to reflect on how things are going.

  • You’re operating on a limited budget but still want to prioritize rest.

  • You generally have a busy, fast-paced schedule.

  • You’re a busy parent or business owner with a lot on your plate, but not much time to get away from it all. 

  • You want to indulge in some sensory revival, kind of like a mini-vacation.

Twice a Month

Doing two visits a month helps increase the amount of benefits you’ll experience from your floating practice. This is taking your regular routine to a new level. Twice a month floats are best suited to you if:

  • You have chronic pain and want to reduce it.

  • You experience headaches or migraines and need relief.

  • Your sleep schedule isn’t great and you want to rest more, or you experience the feeling of being ‘tired but wired.’

  • You live an active lifestyle and tend to be sore from workouts.

  • You’re experiencing inflammation and want to reduce it.

  • You tend to be chronically overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed.

  • You’re going through a period of anxiety and your nervous system needs support. 

  • You sit at a desk or drive often and tend to have back pain as a result. 

  • You’re not seeing as much benefit as you’d like from one session a month.

Once a Week

Floating four times a month allows you to move into a zone of peak performance, mental clarity, and some serious zen. Floating weekly is encouraged if:

  • You want to see a big difference in your overall mental health as a result of floating.

  • You need assistance in relieving chronic pain.

  • You want to increase your performance in all areas of life– home, career, fitness, relationships, and more. 

  • You have an active lifestyle and experience a lot of aches and pains.

  • You’re coming up on an important exam or test and are feeling stressed about it.

  • You’re going through a major life change.

  • You’re training for a race or competition.

  • You’re struggling with restlessness or insomnia.

  • You want to feel more relaxed and let go of anxiety.

Once Every Day

For anyone who is looking to fast-track a full transformation in their life, floating on a daily basis can prove to be extremely effective. This applies to your health in all areas– mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual. 

Floating daily is encouraged if:

  • You’re looking to dive into profound meditative states or explore your dreams.

  • You are looking to speed up recovery and rehabilitation from an injury.

  • You’re about to compete or participate in an important life event.

  • You want to feel stress-free at your wedding, court date, job interview, or other important life event.

  • You’re struggling with addiction and want to make progress. 

  • You’re working on a major work project, presentation, or creative project and want to find full focus/flow state.

  • You want to step into your highest potential and greatly value caring for your body, mind, heart, and spirit. 

So, what's your float frequency? Whether it's a monthly treat, a bi-weekly boost, a weekly ritual, or a daily experience, float therapy is a personal oasis in the hustle and bustle of life. We can’t wait to see you for a session soon. 


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