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My Top 3 Rituals: And How To Do Them

This past weekend I was feeling the effects of being cooped up inside. I know when I work myself too hard at the center and other areas of my life, I have to hit the reset button.

And the way I hit my reset button is by changing my scenery. I know I'm lucky, and I don't take that luck for granted.

S0, I decided to skip town with my best friend Jenny - my quaranteam buddy. We booked a last-minute trip to Tahoe And by last minute I mean, we booked our hotel room 10 hours before leaving 😂. And although we didn't go out and actually "do" anything, the change of scenery alone reset me.

One thing I love about my friendship with her is the effortless way we both move through life. Not going to lie though, I was a bit nervous going away with her for 2 days. Mainly because my daily rituals and routines are something I value so much. And I wasn't sure how to carve out connection time with her AND my rituals.

But, as it turns out... her ritual obsession is equal to mine.

So each morning we'd spend time in silence drinking our lemon water. I'd meditate (as I do every morning) and she'd pull her Tarot cards and journal. It was perfect.

When I travel I don't get to spend 2 hours each morning doing my routine, but I do pick my top few and go all in. I choose the top 3 that are best for my mind, my body, and my soul.

Daily ritual practice is something that's changed my life for the better. And because of that, I'm sharing a few of them with you so you too, can feel the positive effects.

I've put together (with my friend Jenny) a 19-minute video of 3 rituals I can't live without. My hope is you'll watch the video, get inspired, and follow along.

This month, I'd love for you to make a ritual habit with me and practice them daily.

Notice how you feel. Notice what comes up for you and what shifts for you.

Then, send me an email to my personal account and tell me how it went for you (

I can't wait to hear how it goes!

Watch the video I made for you here:

To your daily ritual practices,

Haily K


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