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Grand Re-Opening May 25th

Thank you so much for sticking with us and keeping your membership active. Your support has helped us stay afloat; from the social media DMs that’ve come in letting us know you miss the float tank, to the personal emails and texts of encouragement, to the great success of our Helping Hands Special, we are pretty sure we have the coolest members in the whole world. We are so grateful.

From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You! Without further adieu, we are pumped to announce our reopening, Monday May 25th. Slots will fill, so jump in and book your first post-quarantine float right now! Please feel free to bring your friends, use your float credits as gift cards and book appointments to your heart’s content. As always, your safety and the cleanliness of our facility is our top priority. Along with our normal cleaning procedures, you can expect the following additional safety measures when you come into the float center:

  • All float tanks are equipped with a 1-micron, advanced filtration system. These systems ensure the highest level of sanitation for floating. You can learn more about these systems here.

  • ​Our employees will wear masks and use disposable gloves when cleaning rooms and when interacting with you.

  • We will maintain a safe physical distance from you.

  • We will have extra cloth masks should you wish to wear a mask while in the center

  • We'll have hand sanitizer available for you when you come in and leave.

  • We'll have posted signs about keeping distance to keep it top of mind for everyone.

  • We'll be sanitizing all surfaces with diluted hydrogen peroxide and we will continue to wash all garments after one use at high heat (standard procedure).

  • The float schedule will be adjusted to have an extra 15 minutes in between appointments. This will give a buffer between clients and extra time for us go above and beyond to sanitize the room.

  • Post Float space will have limited communal art supplies

  • We ask that you do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your float appointment and encourage you to keep your post float time to 30 minutes. 

We are committed to making you feel safe and comfortable to come into the sanctuary of the float center; your help in adhering to these protocols will help us protect the space. Thank you and we can't wait to have you in! 


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