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Shamynds x Capitol Floats

You may have heard about Shamynds; they’re an exceptional facility offering Ketamine therapy, right here in Sacramento.

The founders shared with me their own journey with mental health. They told me how being in the medical world showed them, first hand, what’s lacking in the ways we deal with mental health in our current systems today:

That the symptoms, not the root causes of mental illness, is what traditional western medicine treats in working with people who are struggling.

Shamynd’s goal is to work with the root cause that is creating disharmony in the mind. Using Ketamine therapy as a tool to heal from within.

I had the opportunity to work with them first hand and had an incredible Ketamine experience in their facility.

Watch the video below to learn more about Shamynds and my experience.

Shamynds curates a truly first-class experience. As you saw in the video, their facility sets the bar for psychedelic therapy in a clinical setting - something I’ve been passionate about seeing come to fruition for many years.

After this experience, I knew we had to create something together - and though it's not Ketamine in the float tank (😉 sorry, John Lilly) it's something pretty rad that I think you’ll enjoy.

See, Shamynds also offers IV Therapy and I thought - dang; Floating + IV therapy? That’s a pretty great combination.

If you’re new to of Nutraceutical IV therapy, no problem, here’s some info:

Nutraceutical IV therapy has been shown to:

  • rid the body of free radicals

  • eliminate fatigue

  • aid in treating depression, anxiety and mood swings

  • support those who have digestive issues

  • treat chronic asthma

  • treat chronic pain

  • boost energy

  • support the immune system

Shamynds also offers IV therapy to clients post-Ketamine treatment, as a way to nourish the cells and promote even greater healing.

You’re invited! Join us for a Capitol Floats + Shamynds special event June 25th 10am - 3pm at Capitol Floats Sacramento!

Shamynds has graciously agreed to bring their whole team out to the center on June 25th for this special event. They’ll be administering IV therapy from 10am - 3pm.

If you’re curious what it’s all about, have questions, or want to learn more swing by and meet the Shamynds crew! They’ll be in the center available to chat with you; ask them about Ketamine Therapy or what the heck Glutathione is and they’ll be happy to talk with you about everything.

As this event falls near Father’s Day, I encourage you to think about the fathers/men in your life who may benefit from IV therapy.

You can view the whole menu of offerings for this event by clicking here :)

The way the event works:

  1. Book your session for June 25th. Select June 25th from the calendar in Floathelm and use the arrows to scroll right to select your time slot and nutrient IV of choice for the event. Or give us a call and we can book you over the phone.

  2. If you'd like to float or sauna, we recommend booking your float/sauna for BEFORE your IV session, as the nutrients will energize you.

  3. After your float, or when it's time for you to be here for your IV session, go back to the Shamynd's lounge on our back patio at Capitol Floats and talk with your nurse who will set you up with your IV and go over the procedure with you.

  4. Sit back and relax while you receive your IV treatment. Sounds and smells provided by Shamynds will send you into a state of deep relaxation.

  5. Leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the rest of your day!

We know this event will be a hit, so make sure you save your spot and sign up early, and of course, bring your friends!

Have a question about the event? Send me an email: and I’ll get right back to you.

To your health!




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