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Fire & Ice Protocols and Best Practices

  1. Ease into it, then amp up the intensity: Initiate your Fire & Ice Sessions with short, manageable stints of 10-15 minutes in the sauna and a brisk 60-90 seconds in a cold plunge. Gradually extend these durations as your body adapts.

  2. Establish a rhythm that suits you: Once acclimated, aim for a balanced routine of 15-30 minutes in the sauna followed by a rejuvenating 2-5 minute cold plunge. Incorporate at least one Fire & Ice session per week (though we recommend aiming for 3 - 4 per week for best results!)

  3. Practice moderation for safety: Opt for two to four cycles of heat and cold per session, paying attention to your body's signals. There's no rush – embrace the journey at your own pace. If you feel dizzy or light-headed, exit the sauna or plunge.

  4. Master your breath: Maintain a calm and controlled breathing pattern to manage temperature changes effectively. Utilize 4 - 7 - 8 breathing. Inhale for 4, hold for 7, exhale for 8 – and try to do 4 - 5 rounds during your plunge session.

  5. Hydrate wisely: Before and after sessions, hydrate generously to replenish fluids lost during the process by adding a few drops of Omni Blue Ocean Minerals or a pinch of celtic sea salt to your water.

  6. Timing matters for muscle recovery: For optimal results in muscle recovery and relaxation, schedule your Fire & Ice therapy the day after physical activity. Avoid plunging immediately after a workout to maximize the positive effects of post-exercise inflammation.

  7. Consistency reaps rewards: Make contrast therapy a regular part of your routine to maximize its benefits. Scientific studies recommend a weekly minimum of 11 minutes of ice and 57 minutes of fire.

  8. Prioritize your health: If you have pre-existing conditions, consult a healthcare professional before engaging in Fire & Ice Therapy. Safety and responsibility are paramount for a fulfilling experience.

  9. Embrace growth: View Fire & Ice Therapy as a journey of self-discovery and resilience-building, not as a punishment. The discipline and willpower cultivated in these sessions can positively impact all aspects of your life.

  10. Float into tranquility: Optimal after a Fire & Ice session, floating provides the perfect conditions to enter a state of profound relaxation. Capitalize on the balance of yang and yin by incorporating a Float into your post-therapy routine.

Suggested Protocols

Capitol Floats Protocol

Transcend your limits and recognize your potential!

  • Bring a Friend: Enhance motivation and safety with a plunge partner. Friends use the Fire & Ice room for an additional $20 (or $10 for members!) Buy a Couples Fire & Ice Session for $90

  • Breathe Before: Arrive 15 minutes early for breathwork, recommended with 3 rounds of Wim Hof breathing.

  • Sauna First [15 minutes]: Start with 15 minutes in the sauna focusing on breathing through your nose, 5 - 8 breaths a minute for calmness.

  • Rinse & Plunge [3 minutes]: Cold shower, then a 2-3 minute cold plunge, utilizing 4-7-8 breathing for composure.

  • Energizing Breathe + Horse Posture [3 minutes]: Exit plunge, drop into horse stance, and deep breathe for warmth.

  • Second Sauna [15 minutes]: Repeat sauna with nasal breathing.

  • Rinse & Final Plunge [3 minutes]: Cold shower followed by a 2-3 minute cold plunge, exhaling twice as long as inhaling.

  • Repeat: Aim for at least two sessions per week and consider a Float afterward.

Andrew Huberman Protocols

Explore science-based tools from Stanford University professor Andrew Huberman, available on the Huberman Lab Podcast. Find his recommended protocols for cold exposure and heat exposure for further insights.


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