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23 Things To Do This International Day of Happiness

"Happiness is the highest form of health" - His Holiness, the Dalai Lama

International Day of Happiness is March 20th, and we believe it's important to celebrate.

Not because the world needs more joy & happiness (which it does), but because we believe happiness is THE highest form of health.

Think about it…

When you see a cute dog, laughing baby, or hear an upbeat song… don't you FEEL better?

We've asked every team member here at Capitol Floats to share with us what they do to ignite happiness within.

Here in this list, you'll find songs, youtube videos, activities, and more you can do this International Happiness Day to spark more JOY!

As Marie Condo says:

“ The more happiness in the world, the better!”

We invite you to share this list with the ones you love.


A list of what the Capitol Floats team does to elevate their mood and spark joy & happiness in their lives:

😊 Ryan: Cold Plunge: You knew I was going to say that! But it’s true. It centers and grounds me beyond anything else, and releases “the feel goods” in my body. Nothing compares! Hiking: I spend a lot of time hiking in the Auburn canyons these days and love how it instantly boosts my mood. Alan Watts: Listening to this legend while in a dark room can shift my mindset at any given moment. Highly recommend.

😊 Jodi: Music: I love playing a playlist called, “Dopamine” to bring feel-good feelings into my body. The Good News: This website is one I highly frequent and cannot recommend enough when you need to turn your frown upside down -

Walks: Taking my dogs out for a walk makes me happy! And them too. Instruments: I love playing my Ukelele and making music. I get in the zone and let myself just flow.

Baking: I saved the best for last! Baking something chocolate-y and delicious is my ultimate go-to happy thing!

😊 Amanda: Nature: It’s my happy place. I go there as often as I can with no cell phone or connection to the outside world. I LOVE finding new hikes and waterfalls. Microdosing: Microdosing Psilocybin has helped elevate my mood and overall wellbeing. Hammock Time: I love to curl up in my hammock on a nice sunny day with a good smut book! Dance: I dance in the car, the house, pretty much everywhere. It’s a mood booster for sure.

😊 Ella:

Books: I love me a good book. A couple I’m loving right now: Fluxy by Orion Carloto & Inquire Within by IN-Q

Meals: I get exuberant amounts of joy from making food for (and with) the people closest to me. There’s truly something about sharing a moment with humans I adore while creating delicious food.

Dance: I love to dance! Movement is my medicine, and I love it in all forms. From yoga flows to hiking outdoors, I’m here for it all!

Poetry: I get so much joy from writing poetry. There’s something about the vulnerability in it that inspires me and allows me to grow closer to myself.

😊 Kelsey:

Dance Parties: I have them often, and LOVE to have them with my nieces. Nothing makes me happier than seeing them light up while we dance. Walks + Music: I love going for walks while listening to a “feel good” playlist. Tik Tok: I get so much joy out of watching cooking and baking videos on Tik Tok! Here are a couple of accounts I love to follow: @emilymariko and @suga.bite

😊 Jenny:

Dance dance baby: It's always turning on loud music and moving my body. Shaking releases trauma stored inside the body, and this is #1 for me. Here's one I move to often: I SOLO ECSTATIC DANCE

Journaling: Whenever I need to release negative emotions or hit the reset button on my happiness, I write it ALLLL out (with music playing of course)

Unlikely Friends: When I need a good laugh, I head over to Youtube and search "unlikely animal friends" and MELT over the adorable videos!

Service: whenever I'm feeling depressed, I give. In some way, shape, or form. Be it donating money, helping someone in need, or anything in between. It also puts into perspective how lucky I am for what I have.


What are some of your favorite ways to invite happiness, joy, and lightheartedness to your life?

We'd love to hear from you - send us an email at so we can add YOURS to our list!


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