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PRENAtal floating

Are you expecting and just need some time to yourself?

A special package just for expecting mamas. 

5x Floats for $275

(regular price $375)

  • Journal prompts and meditation exercises to reduce stress and anxiety

  • Breathing and affirmation exercises to promote calm 

  • A special float journal

Prenatal Floats may be redeemed by expecting moms when they are 20+ weeks pregnant. Doctor's or Midwife's not is required to participate in the program. Offered in Auburn only.


Floating has been clinically shown to provide physical relief to back, joints and skin ailments. A reduction in stress and anxiety and stabilizing mood. Where the most significant results have come with very regular floating, in combination with a little bit of guidance along the way. 


The response has been so positive with soon-to-be-moms, we decided to design a specific program to support women at such an important time.  


Here’s a few of the highlights of the 10 week program:

  • 1 float a week for 10 weeks 

  • Special mindfulness emails 

  • A float journal

  • A beautiful, state of the art facility that will become your sanctuary 

Here’s what expecting mommies are telling us about floating during the 3rd trimester: 

  • Dramatically reduced pressure and tension on the body
  • Lowered stress levels in their everyday life 

  • Improved ability to sleep at night

  • Helped release worries and fears of new beginnings

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