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October is Mental Health Awareness month, and this year we're dedicating our Float for a Cause Giving Campaign to bring you a mental health and wellness street fair! 


We are bringing together experts in the field of Mental Health and Wellness to provide you with tools and resources to help support yourself and your loved ones. 


This is an interactive event and you'll have the opportunity to experience tools in real time with experts who can guide you through practices like: 


- Cold Plunging (bring your swim suit!)

- Breathwork (bring a yoga mat!)

- Meditation 

- Floating

- Art therapy

- Dance therapy






Our goal is to facilitate the space to have proactive conversations about how to work with Mental Health, and how to positively support each other by learning tools and skills that can uplift and elevate ourselves and our community. 

We are passionately bringing together individuals from the holistic wellness community, psychedelic community and therapeutic community to participate in our event and to provide resources to you. 

We're excited to welcome: 

- Zendo

- Plunge

- A Therapeutic Alternative

- Shamynds

- Rabbit Food Revolution

- Goddess Night Out

AND MANY MORE! (check back for our vendor list as it will continue to grow as we approach event day!) 

During our event, you'll have an opportunity to donate to the non-profit organizations represented at our event, as well as enter to win big raffle prizes. 

We hope to see you there!

Get updates on the event!

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